A fresh take on an old classic, modern Victorian décor is an artful fusion of key characteristics of Victorian interiors and contemporary design. This style is built on juxtaposition: The modern influence tones down Victorian exuberance, and the ornate, romantic period style breathes life and character into the subtleties of the modern-day aesthetic. We’ve pulled together examples of modern Victorian décor that celebrate this blend of elaborate patterns and contemporary details: Read this full article with PK Halder for all the modern Victorian décor inspiration you could hope for.

artwork leading up the stairs in gold frames

Allusions to the Victorian Era

Sometimes it’s enough just to allude to the Victorian era with a simple silhouette. Take this freestanding bathtub, for example. Its elegant curves and claw feet are distinctly Victorian, but the pale grey finish brings it into the modern-day, making it modern Victorian by definition. This is also a good example of how to merge both styles in a single object, as opposed to combining different pieces.

bathroom with clawfoot tub and artwork covering the walls

Bold Curated Accessories

The Victorian style is all about excess. In contrast to often clutter-free modern design, the Victorians went above and beyond to fill every square inch of space. Modern Victorian meets in the middle, with a curated selection of your most prized possessions displayed in a concentrated area, as in this home. The eclectic collection of ornaments and artwork work together to create a cohesive decorative display.

console table with traveler wall decor

Modern Adaption of a Victorian Classic

Nothing says Victorian like a chaise lounge. Even the most modern interpretations of this piece of furniture conjure images of ladies at leisure, swooning or resting their feet in a palatial boudoir. Take this chaise, whose sleek form and shiny steel legs are distinctly modern and combined with tufted upholstery for a classic, elegant touch.

minimalistic reading area with bookcase and chaise lounge

Modern Victorian Bedroom with Plenty of Patterned Wallpaper

Cover your walls with patterned wallpaper to mimic the busy, heavily decorated Victorian style. Modern trends have revived botanical and classic prints—such as fleur-de-lys, medallions, toile, and damask—refreshed by contemporary color palettes. In this bedroom, the headboard has been upholstered to match the wallpaper, creating a cozy, playful layered effect. The ditsy print has been offset by plain, clean-edged cotton sheets with a simple striped detail for a more contemporary feel.

blue and white wallpaper bedroom with matching headboard

Showcasing an Antique Collection

What use are your family heirlooms gathering dust at the back of a cupboard? Take a leaf out of the Victorians’ book and turn clutter into a stylish decorative feature. In this kitchen, elegant chintz china plates and serving vessels are combined with everyday crockery and showcased on an open shelving unit. The effect is a deeply comforting and welcoming space and a tasteful expression of your family history and personal style.

open shelving kitchen with pink patterned china plates

A Showstopper Piece

The ornate and superfluous character of Victorian décor makes vintage pieces excellent showstoppers in a modern setting. This extravagant hallway has a striking arrangement, with a crystal chandelier as the central focal point. Once your statement piece is in place, start layering in additional details to tie the scheme together. Here, the chandelier is backed by an ornate gilded mirror flanked by white statuettes, all of which are perched on a modern studded side table and serve as a backdrop to an abstract sculpture.

elegant entryway with crystal chandelier and sculptures

Timeless Black and White Bathroom Décor

Commit to the modern Victorian aesthetic by extending it into the bathroom. This black and white bathroom design is timeless and classic, but the three varied patterns make it anything but boring. The geometric floor tiles and subway wall tiles create the perfect balance for modern Victorian décor and are nicely offset by the delicate nature-inspired wallpaper design. The ornate gilded mirror, framed oil painting, chair, and flower vase add interest and top off the charming Victorian aesthetic.

high contrast bathroom with white tile

Modern Light Installations in Period Homes

Juxtapose period architecture with contemporary lighting for a modern Victorian look. This brass chandelier with matching shades is a play on the original candlelit chandeliers of the 19th century and draws the eye up to celebrate the high ceiling and decorative moldings. Together with the other contemporary light features, they immediately update the traditional style of the home for a unique look.

sophisticated blue living room with chevron printed chair

Embracing Florals in All Their Forms

Floral wallpaper, floral framed prints, floral engraved furniture, and a stunning bedside bouquet: As this compilation demonstrates, you can never have too many florals. Luckily, elaborate botanical patterns were as popular then as they are now, making them the perfect decorative element for a modern Victorian interior.

decoratively carved cabinet against floral wallpaper

Modern Victorian Bathroom with a Square Porcelain Pedestal Sink

While we’re on the topic of bathrooms, it’s worth giving some thought to the sink style. Square-shaped porcelain pedestal sinks with ridged edges, like the one in this cute bathroom, are distinctly Victorian. Pay attention to the faucets, a detail too often overlooked, as they significantly influence the overall style. This, combined with the old metal bowl mirror, wall-mounted candle holder, and dark wood floor, reinforce the Victorian influence, as does the blue and white wallpaper that was immensely popular during the era.

blue and white patterned wallpaper bathroom with white sink

Mixed-and-Matched Pattern

Traditional Victorian décor consists of lots of fabrics and drapes in an assortment of colors, patterns, and textures, all working together to channel an exuberant energy. This modern Victorian bedroom achieves that exuberance with layers of contemporary prints pulled together by a cheerful modern color palette. The variety of pattern scales creates balance and an overall cohesive look.

bedroom with colorful patterned wallpaper

A Modern Victorian Gallery Wall

What better way to celebrate Victorian and modern culture than through art? Gallery walls are timeless and as popular today as they were back in the 19th-century. Take an empty wall and fill it with a carefully curated range of paintings, drawings, and prints from both periods for a stylish blend, as in this staircase gallery wall. For added visual interest, mix and match frame styles, like simple modern black frames with classic, ornate gilded or wooden ones.

staircase with blue wallpaper and artwork

Rich Shades Paired with Light Tones

The Victorians favored a rich, jewel-tone color palette for their homes. Browns, maroons, deep reds, and dark greens and blues conjured a sense of abundance, status, and wealth. For a modern spin, contrast these intense hues with lighter shades for a more balanced look. In this dressing room, the royal blue wall is brightened up by the contrasting white painted woodwork and a luxurious glossy marble floor and countertop.

blue wallpaper bathroom with marble flooring

Weighty, Ornate Furniture

The bigger the better … at least as far as the Victorians were concerned! If you’ve got the space for it, a large, weighty piece of furniture, like this oversized bed, is a simple way to bring Victorian influence into a modern home. This solid wood bed scores bonus points for its intricate carved detailing and half-poster style; the decorative display of Victorian hand mirrors, as well as the pleated skirt bedspread, complement the traditional look.

traditional bedroom with vintage accents

Classic Décor with a Modern Twist

Celebrate the Victorians’ love of pattern and texture with an abundance of sensuous textiles and busy prints. This modern Victorian–style living room blends the old with the new by introducing a classic damask print wallpaper in a modern two-tone color palette. Similarly, the upholstered rolled-arm chair has a classic silhouette refreshed with a modern geometric print. In this room, a tasteful compilation of upholstered furniture, wallpaper, rugs, drapery, and layered window treatments creates a warm and comforting environment.

seating area with green accent chair