Instead of purchasing a property like a natural person, a business must adhere to its own set of laws and regulations. Although “natural persons” buy properties in the majority of situations, there is also the option to buy as a business, which has its own set of guidelines and standards. What do you stand to gain, and more significantly, what do you stand to lose by doing so?

Why would you purchase a house in a corporation name?

Often, the goal is to use buy-to-let to bring in money for the business. If you want to reside in the property, there is little use in purchasing it through a business. 

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The advantages

Hence, if you have a business plan for the property, you purchase it as a corporation with the potential to sell it later. When you sell as a business, you:

Having the property registered in your company’s name also offers some financial security. In contrast to the danger associated with owning a property as an individual. 

Inconveniences: Capital Gains Tax

Yet, if you sell a property as a corporation, your capital gains tax liability would likely be larger (CGT). Taxes on capital gains are levied on the difference between the price at which an item was bought and the price at which it was sold. Hence, if you sold a home, you may calculate your capital gains by deducting the base cost of the property from the sale price. 

How about the mortgage?

Here’s where using a business to purchase a home becomes challenging. A business organisation cannot obtain a mortgage loan from a bank.

Hence, if you want to apply for a mortgage, you must do it as an individual. The biggest house loan comparison service can help with this by sending your loan application to many banks so you can compare the deals they are offering and choose the best one.


What are the four major pre-conditions before buying a real estate? 

This information is an illustration of how advantageous it may be to understand the real estate market when trying to buy a home. Here are some recommendations on what to do while entering the real estate market: 

  1. Recognize your needs

You should have a clear notion of your criteria before starting your property search. How important is home security? Do you desire a residence in a peaceful neighbourhood? Would you like a house with green technology? Reduce your list of needs to avoid later realising that the house you bought doesn’t actually fit your lifestyle.

  1. Use a real estate broker

An estate agent will be able to provide you advice on the market’s nuances, such as property availability, costs, and the benefits and drawbacks of the area where the property is situated. The seller covers the agent’s commission, so you don’t have to pay anything. A competent estate agent will assist you in navigating every step of the home-buying process. 

  1. Get pre approval

Obtaining prequalification will demonstrate to the real estate agent and the house seller that you are serious about the acquisition and have the means to do it. A prequalification certificate will be given to you as a result, which you can then show the estate agent.

  1. Utilize a service that compares house loans

To secure a house loan at the best price and interest rate, using the services of a home loan comparison site, is essential. Your house loan application will be sent to many banks so you may compare offers and choose the best one.

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