As the calendar turns, so do the trends in interior design. A fresh year brings a wave of new ideas for transforming your living spaces. From bold colors to artisanal goods, let’s explore the six interior design trends set to shape 2024.

1. Bold Colors and Patterns:

In 2024, it’s all about going big and bold. Neutral interiors take a backseat as vibrant colors, striking patterns, and rich textures steal the spotlight. Say goodbye to playing it safe—this is the year to experiment with lively kitchen backsplashes, maximalist accessories, and eye-catching lighting fixtures.

2. Handmade and Artisan Goods:

The allure of natural elements continues with the rise of handmade accessories in 2024. Bespoke pieces crafted from wood, clay, wicker, and glass become statement pieces. Seek out ceramics, wood carvings, and glasswork at local markets and galleries to infuse your space with unique charm, especially pieces collected from your global travels.

3. Shades of Brown and Blue:

Earth-like tones dominate 2024 interiors. Paint companies designate shades of blue, like Benjamin Moore’s Blue Nova or Sherwin Williams’ Upward, as the Colors of the Year. Browns emerge as a rich neutral accent, replacing the cooler grays of recent years. Infuse these hues into your home through paint choices, tiles, wallpapers, or natural elements like wood furnishings, curtains, and accessories.

4. Bye-bye Basic Bouclé:

The familiar cream-colored bouclé of yesteryears gives way to a bolder, more vibrant counterpart in 2024. Embrace fluffier textures and dynamic colors in rugs, cushion covers, and accent furniture. This trend allows for easy adaptation as interior styles evolve, providing a refreshing change from the conventional.

5. Continuation of Curves:

Building on the 2023 trend, curves persist in 2024 interiors. Departing from strict lines, curved furniture and accessories embrace imperfections and organic shapes inspired by the natural world. Incorporate curves with bar stools, sectional sofas, coffee tables, mirrors, and rugs, adding a touch of biophilic design to your space.

6. Mixing Metallics:

Metal mixing takes center stage in 2024, discarding the notion that combining metals is a fashion faux pas. Move away from matte black fixtures and welcome the era of mixed metal finishes and hardware. Experiment with nickel, bronze, gold, and brass in door handles, drawer knobs, lighting fixtures, faucets, appliance finishes, and decor accents.

Stay ahead of the design curve by integrating these trends into your home. Whether you opt for vibrant colors, artisanal goods, or a mix of metallics, 2024 offers an exciting array of possibilities to refresh and redefine your living spaces.


Author Introduction: Pritish Kumar Halder

Pritish Kumar Halder is a seasoned interior designer with a passion for staying at the forefront of design trends. With years of experience curating spaces that blend aesthetics and functionality, Pritish brings a unique perspective to the evolving world of interior design. Follow Pritish for insights into the latest trends and timeless design principles that transform houses into homes.